The Holy Trinity

Ever had someone tell you that the bible doesn’t contradict it’self? Nows your chance to tell them they’re full of shit! Just take a look at this and use it against those dumbasses.
Fact: The Christian faith proclaims that there is but one true personal god.
Fact: The Christian faith believes this one true personal god is comprised of the “holy trinity” which is made up of:

  1. The Father (God)
  2. The Son (Jesus… A.K.A. God.. ?)
  3. The Holy Ghost (God.. again? Sounds spooOOooky though, doesn’t it?!)
    The Holy Trinity Question

    Let’s think about this for half a second and realize that the holy trinity is comprised of both a father and a son which are both apparently the same thing/guy/ghost. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that you cannot be your own father, nor can you be your own son, and be a ghost as well. Apparently the people who wrote the Bible didn’t actually think about what they we’re writing before they put it out to the masses.

    Here’s the official explanation, yup, they simply show us that they’re all the same person, but none of them are the other! AMAZING!!! Logic and reason need not apply!

    The Holy Trinity Explination

    Ask them how the hell this makes ANY sense at all; what’s the response going to be? “That’s because god is mysterious!”, a-fucking-mazing. Is it really a mystery or is it just logic defying stupidity? I’m leaning towards the latter and never get tired of pointing it out. But of course, the really stubborn will just shake their heads and tell you, “You just don’t get it! It’s God! He can do anything he wants!“.

    Alright, fair enough, he can do anything — question is, why the fuck would he? What in the fuck could he possibly gain by doing this? My guess? He doesn’t, it’s pure stupidity on the part of the writers of the bible who can’t count to three.