Guess What, The World is Round

Sometimes I feel like I’m the dude who claims the world is round and all those religious idiots out there are saying “nope, it’s flat – we know it is because god said so”. The question isn’t if people are ever going to figure out that god doesn’t exist, but instead when. Eventually we’re going to figure out exactly how the universe was created (we already have a pretty good idea, but it has yet to be conclusively proven through science), and when we do, there will simply be no more need for god. I say “need” because it seems some people really do need to have the answer to everything, it makes them feel good inside to say “yup, there is no unknown, because everything that is unknown is just “god, duh”. This need is what has driven religion to exist for as long as it has, and with great costs.

Hundreds of years ago curious people would look up and say “the sky is blue.. but why?”, then some know-it-all that didn’t know his ass from his elbow thought he’d look real smart (and possibly rich) if he were to say, “it’s because god made it blue!”. At the time this was enough to convince a lot of people since they didn’t know better and had no scientific means to prove otherwise. Today however, it’s completely unacceptable for any semi-reasonable person to be making the same such claims and dare I say, lies. Why lies? Because it’s completely false to claim the sky is blue because god created it that way — there really is no disputing that. The sky is blue not because god made it blue, but instead because we live on a planet with an atmosphere, something that was proven through scientific analysis. Only a creationist would dispute this fact.

I Don't Know

Throughout history there has been one true opponent to truth and learning, religion. Religion has always been ready to shoot down any new theories that might explain our world. But, why would they want oppose the truth? Because then it lessens their version of the truth (which are simply lies, really) and with it, religion’s purpose. Any time there is a radical new theory that changes the way we see our existence or world, various religious institutions (the Christian church being the main opponent) has always stepped in and tried to stop the furthering of knowledge, be it through book burning or outright murder. Truth however has this way of leaking out, despite the best attempts to stop it. It’s sort of like the line: “the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32), which of course is completely ironic coming from a religious book like the bible. (More interesting about that quote is how it starts, “So Jesus said to those Jews who believed in him, “If you live by what I say, you are truly my disciples.” [John 8:31]. Translation: have blind faith in what I say, and you will be free!).

Even with everything we have learned, there are still a near infinite number of unknowns left out there that we have yet to explain or understand; but that is no reason to just shrug our shoulders and say “i guess we’ll never know, it must be because of god and his mysterious ways!”. Instead we need to say “we’re going to figure it out one way or another, and not stop until we do”. This is of course is exactly what religion teaches us not to do. Religion doesn’t want to expose the real truths behind our universe, instead it wants us to simply “have faith” or “believe” that some completely unprovable (i say unprovable, since no amount of evidence will ever convince some entrenched believers) being created everything and not only that, but takes an active interest and roll in our daily lives. When asked why such a being does so the answer will always be “because god works in mysterious ways”. What this really means is “we have no fucking idea, stop asking questions”.

Sorry, but I don’t buy that shit nor will I ever (until theres some evidence to back it up). I question all authority and with good reason, people lie. The right lies can mean big money for the one doing the lying. It’s no wonder the Catholic church has as much money as it does when there are so many people donating money to them in hopes that it will somehow secure them a place in that fantastic place called heaven. If they don’t pay homage, they go to straight hell where they spend an eternity suffering (sounds a lot like mafia protection money doesn’t it?).

In the past kings retained control over the peasants by controlling what they knew — this ignorance was the best means to stop any revolts. After all, why should the peasants toil all day in the fields, only to give away their crops to some asshole who sits on his ass all day if they knew that it didn’t have to be that way? All it would take is for someone to tell the peasants what’s really going on for them to realize they’re getting butt-fucked while someone else is living it up at their expense.

The funny part is, here we are, in an age of science and reason, yet here we are, still being controlled by the almighty. What could possibly be driving this self imposed restraint and stupidity? My best guess would be simply, the group mentality. People don’t have time to stop and critically think about concepts such as god, what with Britney Spears showing off her newly shaved crotch on network TV. Those however that do think about it come to the same conclusion I did, that it’s a steaming pile of shit. There are however those that come to the conclusion that god simply must exist. These people are just not looking at the facts; instead they get lost in some philosophical laalaa land while trying to grasp the notion of things like the universe. When they fail to fully understand it’s sheer size their minds suddenly slip into a default “gotta understand” mode where they say, “ok, i don’t get it, god musta done it”, and go on living their life entrenched in their belief, listening with def ears to any further evidence against god; all because they cannot comprehend it.

Personally, I don’t claim to know the precise way in which the universe was created (it’s a bit hard to prove with current technology), but saying “Oh, well if you don’t know, you probably wont ever know. My god theory, which I do know is clearly the answer!”, is not only wrong, it’s so wrong it brings me to an instant rage to hear people say it. When you do not know the answer to something you do not switch to default answer and which happens to be the first thing that comes to mind (fairies, ghosts, goblins.. or.. god). Instead you need to say “I DON’T FUCKING KNOW, lets keep looking for the answer”.

Religion is nothing but a dead end. You will never discover any answers in religion, the answer will always be the same, “God did it”. If that is what you’re looking for in life: “simple answers (lies) to all my questions”, then by all means, continue to believe and keep yourself sheltered away from the real world, convince yourself that god loves you and that he cares about you more than the next person.

Taking a step into the real world will take you in only one direction: the truth.

Dare to say it to yourself: “I Don’t Know“, it’ll probably be the most inspirational thing you’ll ever say to yourself. Once you do, you’ll realize the answer to your questions aren’t “god“.