Congradulations! You’re Dead!

I’m always a little bit confused by people’s reactions towards death. Virtually everyone I know fears death (you’d have to be tired of life or depressed to not), this brings a strange phenomena to attention:

If heaven is such a great place, and we all have everlasting souls that will carry our existence on well after death.. why would anyone fear death? Surely this afterlife will be more amazing than words can describe, right?

Congradulations - You're Dead!

I can only come up with two explanations for this.

  1. People who fear death, think they aren’t going to heaven. Hell after all, is supposed to be really scary, painful and overall.. bad
  2. They don’t really believe that they will have an afterlife, instead they think this really is the end, and they’ll cease to exist once they die.

Maybe this is just one big conspiracy, people love life on earth so much that they can’t believe the afterlife will actually be better? Nah, they just realize that the notion of heaven and hell are just bullshit being peddled by religious figures in order for you to listen to them.

Hey, you wanna live forever? Want to have 2000 hot virgin women waiting for you in the most amazingly amazing place where all your desires come true? Yeah? All you have to do is believe in my church, my god and comes visit my store (church) every Sunday and be sure to make a nice generous donation (more money = more virgins, i swear) when the collection plate comes around.

Man, this deal sounds so sweet! I’m totally gonna go sign up for ALL the religions out there, just so I can enjoy the benefits of ALL the afterlifes.. COMBINED! Beat that bitches, I’m so gonna have the pimpin’-est soul out there.

I totally can’t wait to die. Can you?