Pope vs. Rael Deathmatch: Who Will Win?!

Ever wonder what the difference is between the leader of the largest religious group in the world and the leader of a tiny religion that everyone laughs at? Let’s investigate!

Pope vs. Rael Deathmatch

Crap, this is a close match.. The pope certainly has more power than Rael..  but Rael on the other hand sleeps with many hot chicks* whereas the pope sleeps with no one (no females at least.. that we know of).

*I met him a few years back while working at an AMC movie theater, I was ripping tickets when he came to see Bruce Almighty and had five rather hot looking girls in their mid-twenties, all giggling at the fact that they got to see a movie with him.

And so, the winner hands down HAS to be Rael, just cause he know how to use his power, something the pope needs to learn; it’s all about getting some action. :D