Morality Didn’t Exist Prior To The Christian Bible

After seeing that garbage debate on CNN about atheism in America I was just about ready to punch my TV in hopes that the asshole on their “panel” would feel it. There were two main things that pissed me off about the trash that they were spouting.

  1. Atheists apparently don’t believe in anything.
  2. If you don’t believe in God/Bible you have no morals.

Bible Is Morality

Both these points are so wrong it disgusts me. What the hell makes these idiots think I don’t believe in anything? Oh, right cause I don’t believe in what they believe in, clearly means I don’t believe in anything. Right. I guess that makes a lot of sense according to their twisted logic since, they also claimed that 97% of the US is Christian; totally false. Here we are

According to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey (discussed below), 80% of the U.S. is Christian and 15% adhere to no religion or are Atheist/Agnostic

Awww, look at that, I guess you were completely wrong. 15% of 300,000,000 is 45,000,000. Yes, that’s right, 45 million Americans that do not believe in your god(s).

What do I believe in? I believe in truth, an end to lies, an end to hate and an end to intolerance. We are all humans and should all be treated equally. But I guess that doesn’t actually count as anything since.. you know, I’m an atheist.

Next on their agenda, the bit that if you don’t believe in god or the bible, which means you have no morals. This point has been repeated so many times I honestly don’t think anyone has ever even stopped to think about what they’re saying. The implication was that the bible invented human morality; this is beyond laughable. Not only that, but how about the fact that the bible does not actually teach morality?! I’ve never met anyone that believes every story in the bible has good moral value and can be used as moral teaching material.

Let’s take the story of Abraham for example.. if we were to try and pull morals from the story it would have to be something like this: If God tells you to kill your son, don’t question it, just do it. You will be rewarded for your actions.

Fan-fucking-tastic. So all those news stories of the insane mother that thought God ordered her to make a human sacrifice chose to throw her three children into San Francisco Bay were justified, since the bible taught these amazingly moral values, right?! NICE.

So anyway, back to our topic, we clearly cannot take every story in the bible as being good for use in our moral teachings, then how do we know what’s good to use and what’s not? Oooooooh, right.. we use our already existing moral sense to pick and choose the good stories from the bad! So basically, the bible is just something people use to justify their garbage beliefs, like say.. hating gays or killing people who disagree. How many bible thumpers have you seen give away all their possessions and lead a life dedicated to serving the poor and needy? Ted Haggard certainly didn’t, Pat Robertson certainly didn’t, so clearly the teachings of Jesus have no positive moral values, since they choose to not use them in their own lives. You might just say they used their own sense of morality (or in these two cases, greed since their moral values are just about null, self gain is number one) to pick what dictates their morals, which means the bible is effectively good for nothing.

So what is the bible good for? Fire-paper perhaps?