Priests Living It Up..

Don’t you love how altruistic priests can be? Giving up their lives to celibacy and poverty so they can better serve god? Take for example these delightful pastors.

 Between them, the pastors have amassed a real estate fortune worth about $12 million. Each owns a multi-million-dollar country estate north of Toronto (Tim’s is worth as much as $5.5 million), they share a Florida vacation villa, and the pastors and their wives drive luxurious cars – among them a Porsche Cayenne SUV, a Lexus RX 330 SUV and a Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 convertible.

Here we have a few pastors who take in $3,000,000/year from parishioners who donate 10% of their salary to the church.. this money is supposed to be used for non profit charitable work, but clearly, it’s not being used that way; unless you consider that the priests are supposed to be poor, which means they deserve the aid?

I guess in their mind they think god wants them to be taking in that kinda coin since they’re doing gods work, right? Or maybe they’re just llining their pockets with money from gullible saps who hope to buy their way into eternal heaven. Eitherway, both sides seem to be sleeping fine at night since those donating the money have this to say about it:

 “I never heard of anything like that. But if I release my tithe and they misuse it, they have to face God.”

Sounds like they’ve been nicely brainwashed. Good stuff!