Girl Stoned to Death For Loving the Wrong Boy

Who says religion doesn’t spread love and peace..? I’m not going to post the video, but after having seen it; the only words that come to mind are: Fucking Barbaric. This kind of shit is inexcusable, the girl goes out with someone of a different religion, so they smash her skull in with bricks and rocks and leave her to bleed to death.

 A 17-year-old girl has been stoned to death in Iraq because she loved a teenage boy of the wrong religion.

As a horrifying video of the stoning went out on the Internet, the British arm of Amnesty International condemned the death of Du’a Khalil Aswad as “an abhorrent murder” and demanded that her killers be brought to justice.

Reports from Iraq said a local security force witnessed the incident, but did nothing to try to stop it. Now her boyfriend is in hiding in fear for his life.

Miss Aswad, a member of a minority Kurdish religious group called Yezidi, was condemned to death as an “honour killing” by other men in her family and hardline religious leaders because of her relationship with the Sunni Muslim boy.