Religion of the Year Award

Alright, I know you’ve all heard of Pastafarianism and all that, but there’s one religion I think many of us have overlooked.

This one was invented by George Carlin:


Frisbeetarianism is a parody religion. The basic tenet is that when you die, your soul goes up on a roof and you can’t get it down. A lesser known aspect is the holy event known as “The Ascension“, wherein someone comes along with a ladder and collects all the souls.

Frisbeetarianism is similar in spirit to Pastafarianism, but has not gained nearly the same popularity. It is a fairly obvious portmanteau of Presbyterianism and Frisbee; one of the most common fates for a Frisbee is to end up out of reach on a roof or other high object. However, the worst possible punishment that could happen to a frisbee is to be cracked on impact with the roof and later collected and burned. The best thing that could happen to a frisbetarian is to be collected and join the great ultimate game in the sky. This religion is most popular among players of Frisbee-related sports, such as Ultimate and Disc Golf.