Child Brides

Yeah, I know “it’s juuuust a cult religion, no one believes this stuff”..  but you know what, people do. This is what happens when you give a free pass to religion and say religion is sacred and not allowed to be criticized.

Child bride testifies in polygamy trial

A Utah woman testified she tried to kill herself on her wedding night after she was pushed into marrying her cousin by polygamous-church leader Warren Jeffs.

The woman, identified in court as Jane Doe, said she was so appalled by the consummation that she felt “evil” and downed two bottles of Tylenol and ibuprofen in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Jeffs is charged with rape in Utah on the grounds he coerced the underage marriage, which allegedly led to forced sex. The Arizona Republic said Doe was 14 at the time and had been stunned to hear from her father than she had been ordered to marry a 19-year-old first cousin whom she didn’t like.

Doe, now 21, faces cross-examination Monday in the St. George, Utah, courtroom.