Jack the Bible Ripper Suspended

 I spoke too soon, seems the school has suspended the heinous Bible ripping student for his atrocities against Zombie Jesus.

Bible incident draws concerns

  — A Parker High School student tore pages from a Bible in class earlier this month, raising constitutional and ethical issues for school officials and his classmates.

Some students were upset, while others rallied to the cause of free speech.

The student was suspended, his mother said. She was told he couldn’t return to school until he had undergone a psychological evaluation. He was out of school for a week.

“They wanted to make sure he was safe,” the mother said, but she believes he was never a threat to anyone.

In the wake of the suspension, three students wore T-shirts with words supporting the student’s free speech rights.

Parker officials had the three remove the shirts because they could have caused a disruption, said Principal Dale Carlson.

One student set up an Internet conversation site to discuss the incident, and according to postings on that site, the T-shirts read: “So long as a man thinks, he is free,” “Bring (the student’s name) back” and “Those who mind do not matter, and those who matter do not mind.”

Carlson said the plea to bring the student back was the objectionable part of the T-shirts’ message.

Officials believed it was likely that the shirts’ reference to the Bible incident would have caused a disruption “with other students that were involved in this incident,” Carlson said.