15 Misconceptions about Evolution

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 Here’s a cool list about evolution, putting to rest many incorrect conceptions about it.

Top 15 Misconceptions about Evolution

15. Evolution is a theory about the origin of life

The theory of evolution primarily deals with the manner in which life has changed after its origin. While science is interested in the origins of life (for example the composition of the primeval sludge from which life might have come) but these are not issues covered in the area of evolution. What is known is that regardless of the start, at some point life began to branch off. Evolution is, therefore, dedicated to the study of those processes.

14. Organisms are always getting better

While it is a fact that natural selection weeds out unhealthy genes from the gene pool, there are many cases where an imperfect organism has survived. Some examples of this are fungi, sharks, crayfish, and mosses – these have all remained essentially the same over a great period of time. These organisms are all sufficiently adapted to their environment to survive without improvement.

Other taxa have changed a lot, but not necessarily for the better. Some creatures have had their environments changed and their adaptations may not be as well suited to their new situation. Fitness is linked to their environment, not to progress.

13. Evolution means that life changed ‘by chance’

In fact, natural selection is not random. Many aquatic animals need speed to survive and reproduce – the creatures with that ability are more suited to their environment and are more likely to survive natural selection. In turn, they will produce more offspring with the same traits and the cycle continues. The idea that evolution occurs by chance does not take the entire picture in to account.

  1. Doris Tracey
    April 10th, 2008 at 15:42
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    Your right religion needs to learn more from science, because religion is stuck in the dark ages and now the leaders are the blind leaders leading the blind. Religion and Science could become like two pillars holding up the civilization as long as neither one are abused. Then we will truly have our dignity and honor restored to us.

    • Andre
      June 18th, 2010 at 13:15
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      Religion doesn’t help, and can’t help.

  2. Deep
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    Abba Zabba, you are my only friend.