Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council – Outlaw Gays

February 3rd, 2010 | Tags: , , , , ,

  1. Spoonman
    February 3rd, 2010 at 20:09
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    A) You’re not “considered to be bigoted” if you dislike gays. You ARE bigoted.

    B) Peter is OBVIOUSLY a repressed gay man. Oh, my goodness..I can see him heading out right after this and picking up a young, male hooker to suck off.

    C) Has Peter ever served in the military?

    D) The fact is, I’m not comfortable being around religious idiots who base their beliefs on faith and not evidence. They’re a danger to themselves and their community. People are not born believing in religion, they CHOOSE to..everyone’s born an atheist. Since they’re so dangerous, let’s outlaw religion. It really is quite simple.

  2. whitey
    February 3rd, 2010 at 23:22
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    Ok I’ll try not to make a long story longer. First of all I am currently serving on active duty in the military. I’ll start with the position I held on this issue until very recently. I believed in a genuine don’t ask don’t tell policy. For an example there was a Lt Col in the air force who served honorably for 18 years but had a jilted ex-lover tip off the air force cops who then initiated an extensive investigation into his personal life. They finally determined that he was gay and discharged him without retirement. I thought this was bullshit. I felt that sex is your personal life, and the military is your professional life, and the separation of the two was appropriate no matter what the orientation. As long as you are not flagrantly gay in the workplace, the government has no right to dig into your personal life, and everyone lives and let lives. But as this story shows, that is not how it works. One is tempted to draw analogy to the desegregation of the military as a precursor to the civil rights movement. But when this happend there weren’t Black panthers joining the army just to piss off the white man. As much as I respect the vast majority of the reasonable gay community out there, one need only look at examples such as the folsum street fair (google it) to see how a minority of gays are compelled to be as shocking and offensive as possible to press their point. It is irreverent and irresponsible individuals such as these that will ruin the reputations of the professionals already serving in secrecy. Furthermore there is an aspect no civilians seem to be aware of. The fact that this controversy is coincident with the gay marriage question. Right now single people in the military live in barracks and when they get married they get paid Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH, a lot more money basically) so they can rent a place with their spouse. If gays can serve openly, then the marriage question will invariably follow shortly thereafter. If gays and their marriages are recognized then every dude in the barracks who finds a roomate he can stand will just marry him, gay or not, to get the money and get out of the barracks. Alas the floodgates of fraud will have been opened. Lately I have felt burned by the military for reasons not relevant here. So now I say “fuck it!” I’m tired of being the token liberal and I’m eager to see these tight asses have some flaming fags thrust upon them and offend their conservative sensibilites. I revel in their discomfort, gays don’t bother me a bit. The fact is there will be some initial chaos, some bigots leaving the military in disgust and some overly flagrant gays being beaten or killed by the homophobes. But all of you in favor of this idea (myself included) had better be prepared for this brutality and not bitch about higher taxes. Defense spending will increase, not for killing muslim baddies, but subsidizing a shitty apartment for “pretend” gay partners. I’m just sayin’, know what you’re in for. You gotta pay to play.