Fundie Ramblings: Part 13

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In some instances, God ordered the killing of entire populations, presumably including the killing of babies and children. Isn’t God unrighteous in killing these innocent little ones? First of all, the Bible indicates that all people are sinners, including babies, and worthy of judgment. However, the Bible also indicates that children are incapable of making moral choices, so that they are automatically rewarded with heaven. So, in having babies killed, God is actually doing them a favor, since, if they had grown up opposed to God, they would have gone to hell.

Rich Deem (God and Science)

1. Get married
2. Bear children
3. Guide the house
4. Stay out of trouble

That’s it. That’s what God wants for young women. 1st Timothy 5:15 tells us that women who fail to obey these divine priorities have turned aside after Satan.

God hasn’t changed. God’s Word hasn’t changed. The world has certainly changed in many ways over the past 2,000 years since 1st Timothy 5:14 was written, but God is still the same (Malachi 3:6). God desires for women to be mothers and care for the home.

It is tragic that being a homemaker has become so despised nowadays, which is frowned down upon by career-minded women. A stay-at-home-mom is often viewed by career women as being a slave—a victim and having no life.

The problem is that American society has spiritually deteriorated to the point where motherhood is no longer considered an honor and privilege.

David J. Stewart (Jesus-is-Savior)

God has no need to have been created, since He exists either outside time (where cause and effect do not operate) or within multiple dimensions of time (such that there is no beginning of a plane of time). Hence God is eternal, having never been created. Although it is possible that the universe itself is eternal, eliminating the need for its creation, observational evidence contradicts this hypothesis, since the universe began to exist a finite ~13.7 billion years ago. The only possible escape for the atheist is the invention of a kind of super universe, which can never be confirmed experimentally (hence it is metaphysical in nature, and not scientific).

Rich Deem (God and Science)

The Hawaiian hula is the filthiest dance on earth. I can understand why the Christian missionaries tried to mentor the natives away from it. People today criticize the early missionaries like they were bad people, and perhaps some of them were; but they were justified in trying to change the Hawaiian culture from one of paganism and sexual immorality to one of grace, chastity, belief in Jesus Christ, and decency. Hawaii is a very sinful place today, and the hula is as filthy as ever.

In fact, Hawaiian women have been taught to have much contempt against Christianity, so when they do the hula, many of them deliberately make it as sleazy and whorish as they can. All of the islands are saturated with sinfulness, naked women, dirt-dancing and apostasy. It is very difficult to find moral people, even amongst professing Christians, in the island cultures near the equator.

David J. Stewart (Jesus-is-Savior)

A dark secret that most people don’t know is that offerings are regularly made to Lucifer in the occult. I’ve heard Heavy Metal Rock bands, like Megadeth, refer to their latest album as “an offering.” Each album is an offering to Satan. Sex is synonymous with the occult, Luciferian worship and Satanism. The MTV video for FEARLESS, presents Taylor Swift as if being offered. Stupid Americans don’t even realize what is going on. MTV’s videos, thousands of them, portray women wearing seductive clothing, in luring positions, as if being offered in an occult ritual. It is creepy if you understand the occult. If you scoff and don’t believe what I’m saying, it is only because you are woefully ignorant of how the occult works, and their demonic agenda and the DEPTHS OF SATAN (Revelation 2:24).

Some think the 911-attacks were actually an offering to Satan, clearly marked by the occult symbol featured at the 911 Memorial. I would tend to agree. People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life.

David J. Stewart (Jesus-is-Savior)

Evolution is being taught in all our Public Schools, deliberately rejecting and depriving children of the knowledge of God. Children are no longer educated; but rather, indoctrinated in public schools. America is NOT LISTENING TO GOD! We have deliberately rejected the knowledge of God, just as Hosea 4:6 teaches. Americans are wicked more than foolish. Americans are wicked more than ignorant. It is our nation’s love for sin that has caused us to be foolish, ignorant and complacent. First and foremost, Americans are sinful and wicked.

The Old Testament Jews were destroyed for lack of knowledge, knowledge which they openly refused to have. They chose to remain ignorant. They didn’t want to hear the truth. Nothing has changed in thousands of years. People don’t want the truth nowadays. People are willfully ignorant of the truth. Most people reject knowledge.

David J. Stewart (Jesus-is-Savior)

Why do atheists call us theists.?

The last time I checked the dictionary said theist isn’t a word, atheists try to us theist to define us, but they can’t as we are just called a christian or believer so up yours atheists.

Additional Details:
Theists is the belief of Gods or a false god. A christian believes in yahweh thus not counting as a theist because God is real.

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  1. Andre
    January 3rd, 2011 at 16:06
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    Is David Stewart a travel agent? Because he really makes me want to go to Hawaii.

  2. kurtisle
    January 6th, 2011 at 20:20
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    Dave, Dave, take a’re foaming at the mouth. You are why I’d shoot myself before following your faith.

  3. kurtisle
    January 6th, 2011 at 20:31
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    Pretty much all the troubles of the world are centered around the three middle eastern religions. If they got together and killed all of each other, this would be a great planet to live on.

    • koyote_ken
      January 14th, 2011 at 13:39
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      True, dat.
      That’s exactly why I’m hoping the “Rapture” is true. If it happens, we can get rid of millions of moronic religionists in one fell swoop. (as a side benefit, we can take their stuff….they won’t need it :))Step two, finally invent something to obsolete oil. Then the Muslims will be stuck in the middle east cutting off each others heads and not bothering the rest of us.
      Unfortunately, none of that will happen. We are stuck with these idiots. Humans haven’t evolved sufficiently to disgard silly superstitions yet.

  4. Redirected
    January 13th, 2011 at 04:49
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    I’m waiting to hear some details about our flat Earth.

  5. koyote_ken
    January 14th, 2011 at 13:33
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    that David Stewart character has some REAL PROBLEMS. His website is incredible. He’s a WORLD CLASS MYSOGONIST. Hates women. I think he fears them more than anything. Perhaps some deep-seated mommy issues?? And the other thing he hates with a passion is dancing. DANCING!! Does he even realize he’s the poster boy for the phrase “American Taliban”? The Taliban banned “kite-flying” of all things and he wants to ban dancing. Unbelievable.