People Who Have Actually Read the Entire Bible

  1. Screwhead
    January 28th, 2011 at 18:39
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    If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

  2. Casey
    January 28th, 2011 at 19:44
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    Every way you look at this, this is sad

  3. Casey
    January 28th, 2011 at 20:18
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    People believe this stuff that you post. There is so much hate. Be fair with each other. This is why we have wars, Its the absence of kindness against people who believe different. It tears the world apart. Who can stand against his addiction to this hate, very few. The world teaches us its OK. Its not OK. Its takes hard work and determination to brake the addiction, also we may fail sometimes. We fail so that we can learn how to win, to get back on the horse . Nature VS Nurture. The Bible states we have lost out way i agree wholeheartedly. We have nurtured self destruction for so long we have confused it with nature. With out God can there be hope? Can we brake out own addictions to the hate of each other and bury the hatchet without without pointing the finger at another and saying “its because of you” or “you first”. History tells us of this age old struggle and what dose it say. The Truth. NO. Humility is key. God makes man humble. Without God man can’t be humble. A bigger picture. Put aside the animal and become something beautiful. Choice. We can choose

    • Tom
      January 28th, 2011 at 21:05
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      blow it out your twat. “I’m so humble, look at me, god has made me ever so zen and peaceful.” god also gave us cancer and new jersey. I feel no hate for you god, simply because i cannot hate something that does not exist. you think those without god cannot be humble? walk into a buddhist Temple. go on. do it. no clothes of your own, no possessions. and here you are, on your hundreds of dollars priced computer, using your internet, wearing your clothes. read your own book. jesus would never even touch any of the shit we use today, but you claim superiority, through your humbleness. irony, thine name is casey. I know my path, and that is to do good in this world, not because of a fear of prison or eternal love torture, but because i choose to as a human being. i have hope, because i know we are not playthings judged by some jealous all powerful being but because, though we may be nothing more than stardust and chemicals, we can do amazing things, and there are so many more amazing things to do. you hate on us, then say “why so angry friend?”. because you condemn us to your hell, call us liars and hatefilled monsters. this graph has no hate. it is simply stating something i see every day, when i challenge christians based on tracts from THEIR OWN BIBLES. so please, go away, little person. go away, and read.

    • January 28th, 2011 at 21:23
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      People believe this stuff that you post.

      People believe the junk their holy books say.

      There is so much hate.

      Perhaps. But certainly less hateful than the words and actions of most religious people to outsiders who don’t conform to their standards of what they perceive “morality” as.

      Be fair with each other. This is why we have wars, Its the absence of kindness against people who believe different. It tears the world apart.

      No shit. And this is all between religious people that can’t and won’t tolerate nor respect the views of others. Nonreligious people have no need to wage wars with those that are religious. We simply want fairness, as you put it.

      Who can stand against his addiction to this hate, very few.

      We are addicted to hating the hate caused by ignorant people that are cruel and intolerant of the views of others.
      Please, check these links out:
      (There are more postings under these categories — click on ‘Older Entries’ for more hate caused by religious people.)

      Its takes hard work and determination to brake the addiction, also we may fail sometimes. We fail so that we can learn how to win, to get back on the horse .

      Last I checked, this is a blog for people to vent out their frustrations with the brainwashing of organized religions, not a drug and alcohol rehab support group. This isn’t the place for that.

      The Bible states we have lost out way i agree wholeheartedly. We have nurtured self destruction for so long we have confused it with nature.

      The Bible states many things, and many of them aren’t the kinds of verses you’d expect coming from a loving father. For example, check out this post:

      With out God can there be hope? Can we brake out own addictions to the hate of each other and bury the hatchet without without pointing the finger at another and saying “its because of you” or “you first”.

      Without a god telling us that we’re going to suffer for all eternity because of what a talking snake and a rib woman did, can there be hope? Yes, there is hope — you can save yourself from a world of fairy tales and face reality for what it is. Can we break our own addictions to fighting over god and bury the hatchet without pointing the finger at another? Yes, most certainly you can — ditch religion or at least keep it away from politics and the government; this is why we have wars. Not everyone’s going to believe the same way as you or I, so the least you could do is show them respect. I show believers respect all the time. The only time I lose respect for them is when they start using verbal attacks.

      God makes man humble. Without God man can’t be humble.

      God also makes man fearful and ignorant of logic and science. Without god, man can’t be fearful and ignorant of logic and science.

      A bigger picture. Put aside the animal and become something beautiful. Choice. We can choose

      Humans are animals, whether you like it or not. We share similarities with apes and other animal species. We can become something “beautiful,” and it’s called Art. Religions and deities are all forms of Art. However, it’s too bad this form of Art has inspired so much devastation and ignorance. We can’t fully advance as a society as long as there are religious bigots waging wars and trying to control the lives of those who don’t believe the same way as they do.

      Choice. We can choose to end all religions and love one another.
      But many don’t want to because of fear and ignorance (the core principles of organized religion).

    • Jazz
      February 23rd, 2011 at 18:27
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      Tom I appreciate your opening line. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. I mean what crock Casey. You can really believe that we atheist are the cause of all this hate. Are you fucking unreal. What was that a computer generated comment you made. You Drone. How can you even think for a second that any atheist would start a violent act because of our lack of belief in your god. More violent and despicable acts have been committed in the name your god than any other social movement in history. Pick up a damn history book. Atheist are pro human by nature. They don’t believe in any god. Religion has nurtured self destruction. Thats a fact. Your emotional opinion wouldn’t even look good on a bumper sticker pumpkin. Most atheist would love to argue why we don’t believe, but do we commit violent acts with our beliefs. No. I Challenge you to name one. Hell I bet you have never even had one come to your door preaching anti religious views. We just don’t impose our lack of belief on people that believe. If you don’t like this site then don’t visit it. Its not in your face. Just go to church on Sunday and enjoy in the lie’s that a man interprets to you. I mean a interpretation of a lie is still a lie. If you bible thumping lemmings would just get real and except you don’t know what happens after you die then this world would be better. News flash. Look up the word humble. We atheists have to be humble by definition because we are the minority you wacco. We don’t go around choosing our friends based of their beliefs. More than half of my friends and family believe in some type of religious mumbo jumbo. For me to even consider associating with them is a perfect example of my humbleness. Don’t need god for that.

  4. Len
    January 29th, 2011 at 06:37
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  5. Casey
    January 29th, 2011 at 07:38
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    I don’t hate people who are of different morality. I’m i ignorant? Who isn’t. The war thing; Jesus said “he ho lives by the sword dies by the sword”(the hint is what dose “by” mean) also turn the other cheek.I agree with many things you said about the zealousness of the church(post Constantine, I think it was 365AD. pre is a different story). Its like Gandhi said “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”, nicely said my friend. I’m not these people who you blame for everything that has gone wrong because i agree with some of what you say and so dose Jesus(he was killed by his own people and still today). I want to have the mind set of giving my life for someone not taking it. America has polluted the MSG the Bible preaches and it will pay for it i tell you this. walk in a Texas Baptist church and spout off Mathew 9 and get kicked out or shot. Other people in other Countries mainly African countries and 3rd world sing a different tune than America, opposite in many ways. I’m very out spoken and am often cast out for my radical message and outlook on the Bible. Most American Christians think I’m crazy for just having my own opinion on the Bible that differs from what the bulk of the church sees as doctrine no mater if it is clearly in the Bible. I’m hated on both sides of the battle ground. The fact of the mater is, the war between these to sides will not bring peace. One cannot eradicate the other(some have tried not just the Catholics). So we are left with only one option, brake the cycle of hate and insult and only through this can we start to understand and truly talk. Stop this “your dumb. no your your stupid. no your stupid times infinity” kind of thing before it escalates. BOTH SIDES ARE UNCIVIL… I feel as though I’m in the middle of Gettysburg shouting STOP THE FIGHT!!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!! BE KIND EVEN WHEN OTHERS ARE NOT!!!… Then BBBBBBBBBBBBBAM! I’m me not them. I ask only that people might start to think about Love and forget the hate even if we are insulted. Yes these hater “followers of Christ” need to go to “hate rehab”, o ya. My msg… stop the hate… I say this to both sides not just atheists. Americanized Christians wont listen for the most part so I purpose it to the other side. I’m not singling you guys out i just think you may have a better chance of hearing this “logic” that this side claims to be a friend to. Is love illogical? Or is love the only true logic? One moor thing Animals are not self aware that is the difference between animal and human. So where not animals. Further more we have lost our symbiosis with nature and our environment something no other life on this planet shares in common. So i ask, is it possible that humans are not animals just based on our self awareness. You be the judge. I don’t feel high and mighty. I feel helpless. Thanks people for allowing me to take up some of your time.

    • Tom
      January 29th, 2011 at 07:58

      the fact remains. Under your belief system, and through your own lord and savior’s words, we are going to hell, with no chance of redemption. im pretty sure every atheist has blasphemed against the holy ghost, leading to our eternal damnation. your religion thinks us worthy of eternal torture. that’s hate.

    • January 29th, 2011 at 17:49

      • thetardis
        January 30th, 2011 at 00:03

        seen this before. i love it

  6. Casey
    January 29th, 2011 at 23:31

    I think every last christian has blasphemed against the holy ghost, leading to eternal damnation. Except i do believe the price was paid for those who believe in this “to good to be true scenario”, as i see it. I believe that I deserve to be haunted in accordance with the things i have done for all eternity, that i can do nothing to deserve forgiveness. That I forge my chains my own damnation, except for the face of mercy and grace by this i am forgiven. Many Christens look at this and say “your going to hell! You fool! You evil doer!” and forget what the Bilbe says in Matthew 5:22; “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire”. I believe hell can be a state of mind like heaven can be a state of mind, we do it to ourselves. I believe every one chooses heaven or hell. To truly quest after Love with all your heart all your sole and all your mind is Heaven and Hell is to not. We choose to live in heaven or hell every day of our lives. All the Bible says is its not possible to truly know love if you don’t also know God. In myself this is proven true. In my very innermost self. I was an atheist myself. I know the argument and grudge all to well.As a man of “science” and Mathematics, so with is a feeling of pride came over me “I know the truth! Look at all these Dumb ass’s and there Stupid God! Who do the think they are!”. I was struck down and had a vision. I vision so complex i could not calculate the odds of something so perfect at just the wright time at just the wright place in just the wright way to challenge everything i held as fact and wisdom. Infinite points in space converging together to form perfection was my vision, incalculable odds. Only through this could i see what i could not see before. And then i found him or what i should say he found me. Only when i had been rocked to my very core could i see. That’s why i say only God can humble. Why me? My friend prayed to God that he would save me. She appealed to The Almighty on my behalf in love, without my knowledge, and he was faithful. And so i will pray for all of you in love.

    • January 30th, 2011 at 05:40

      You want to know why I don’t respect your religious beliefs? You really want to know why? It’s because it tells us that we humans are worthless and despicable beings! It puts the blame on US for the misdeeds of OTHERS. Why should we be responsible for them? We weren’t conscious, so why did this “curse” pass on to you and I? It’s absurd and unfair when you think deep and hard as to why a god would allow this to happen. This is why I can’t respect Christianity — it puts the blame on the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.

      Being cursed with “sin” from an all-knowing, all-loving god is like an all-knowing, all-loving judge sentencing a convicted murderer’s son (who wasn’t even involved in the crime itself) to prison for the same amount of years as his father. Why? Why should the son suffer for what his father did? Was he ever conscious or even fully aware of what was going on? Could he have prevented his father from committing murders? Or what if he couldn’t?

      Take that analogy and apply it to ourselves. How could a god do this? This only makes me feel so much more confident and secure that through the aid of rationality and science that no god(s) can ever exist outside of our minds. And for that, I thank Nature for showing us the way… Nothing is more beautiful than Mother Earth herself. I am much more concerned for her health than satisfying such a petty, immature being such as Yahweh.

      Therefore, I don’t care about your god or his religion he brought forth. I can’t love a god that will punish nearly all human beings on this planet, all because of “sin.” It’s because of “sin” that humankind can’t ever achieve freedom of thought and the ability to express true beauty in their own, unique ways. It’s because of “sin” that we must all program our minds and become nothing more than units so that we may satisfy the rotten ego of the god you put your faith on. Why should we continue to pretend all of that nonsense actually happened? Why can’t we be beautiful in our own unique ways? Why can’t we express our feelings freely without persecution through music, drawing, painting, writing, poetry, philosophy, etc.? Why not, Casey? Why must your god take the credit away from the doctors who are fighting hard to keep your loved ones alive? If that person dies, “it was god’s will,” right? But if they DO survive, then “god healed them”! Nonsense! What a load of tripe you believe! How DARE your religion get in the way of human thinking! This is why I don’t want to return to your horrible cult. Christianity is a small world…

      And, you are a former atheist? It is sad that we have people with open minds making a 180 on their position. Your reasons for returning to theism are not rational, but rather emotional. Emotions carry little to no evidence for anything. You can cry all you want, but it won’t change anything. We weren’t created by any deity; we created them as an attempt at explaining how we all got here, and why. Sadly, rationalism has shown that the gods of all organized religions — compared to how far we’ve advanced today — display very primitive thought patterns.

      Medicines weren’t even around at the time of the Old Testament (when it was allegedly recorded), so we had to go through the trouble of killing one bird and dipping another with its blood to cure leprosy. Whenever we had rebellious children that cursed their parents, they had every right to kill them. Yes, KILL them… If you look at how far we’ve advanced today, you’ll agree with me that it is wrong to take the lives of innocent people. What if they cursed you out of simple ignorance (i.e., they were angry over you grounding them for sneaking out of the house past midnight)? Would that give you the license to kill them?

      How should we properly follow the Bible when it cannot ever remain consistent with itself?

      Your beliefs don’t make any sense, Casey. And the fact that you were once an atheist only shows that you came back crawling like a teary-eyed puppy, seeking pity.

      • Casey
        January 31st, 2011 at 00:49

        Greenworld… The answer is love my friend… Yes, it dose view us as worthless and despicable things, for the illustration of a true humbling love, loving something that dose not deserve it. And so humbling its people.

        To love, Greenworld, you must have the choice to not love at the same time; AKA “the knowledge of good and evil”. To have choice is to “do or do not”, to love or to not. God knew what would happen with the fruit I’m glad he did, i like love. I like having the ability to not love(sin), without nothing i could not appreciate something. Sin, Evil and Darkness are all the same they’re the absence of love, light and goodness. So i thank God for this “curse” for without it I could not Love. Have you ever tried to see it this way, Greeworld?

        Take that analogy and apply it to ourselves. How couldn’t a god do this? Wouldn’t creating a race who has free will and a capacity to love be a masterpiece. Again you cant love without the ability to not love, without choice love is not possible. This only makes me feel so much more confident and secure that through the aid of rationality and science that God can exist outside of our minds and in our hearts. And for that, I thank Love for showing the way… Nothing is more beautiful than those who love each other not even the Earth itself.

        When you have something there must be a boundary to that something where after crossing that boundary it ceases to be what it is and becomes something all together different. Freedom through law. Freedom is not the ability to do what ever you want to.

        I know how badly the world has been messed up by these people who call themselves followers of Christ; Hitler, Constantine, the Pope and many countless others. I don’t blame the Bible or myself for there evils just as i don’t blame you or Darwin for Stalin’s radical atheist evils and hatred for all religion. I just wouldn’t be true.

        By the way thank you for the page. I read it very last night and found that the author did not understand that what Jesus was saying. He did not keep an open mind and you can feel his negative emotions throughout the hole thing, a sense of pride in himself and the power he had attained through his “knowledge and logic”. If he wanted to understand it he would have be he didn’t want to understand. Jesus spoke in parable and metaphor beautifully and very clearly, you just need to keep ones mind open and most of all don’t rely on just our own understanding. A good judge gets both sides without harboring on preconceived notions, correct? How many times have we been so sure of ourselves and argumentative about a topic then proven incorrect, its a human trait. If he had done some work, he could have understood what Jesus was getting at.

        Greenworld… I like you. I think your very smart. your angry about every thing God related. I was to. anger solves nothing. Yes, I’m emotional about what i feel but I’m not angry anymore and if feels as though a weight is lifted off my mind. Anger is blinding, we cant control ourselves on it, its why we go off the handle and say hurtful things to loved ones. The weight of anger on ourminds is an uncontrollable feeling to tear apart something, its a one tracking mentality. We feel it in politics as an example in a vishishness, an animalistic mentality to destroy the other side at all costs. What I’m asking from you and every one else, Republican and Democrat, Atheist and Theist is to be humane with each other. Not just waiting for their turn to talk, but listening to each other fully intently.

        Some of my atheist friends and i have learned so much from each others points of view. But only when we decided to put our friendship first, and to never let the sun go down on our anger because it becomes entrenched in us the next day. Anger not just against each other becomes entrenched but anger towards each other mentality’s and schools of thought. Then both sides refuse to try to understand each other and always will unless someone can bridge the ever widening gap of hate.

        I know you think what i think is stupid and so what i say will probably make no difference in reaching people. The gap has been made very big. Lots not blame others for us hating each other. Lets not “display very primitive thought patterns” that all people display and LOVE each other. Lets evolve. Then all this might just fade away and not mater any more. Otherwise wee will breed even more hateful people in the future. Even worse than Hitler and Stalin. Christianity is hear to stay and so is Atheism, lets get past the animal and be a human where it counts. I’m willing to do what it takes. Are you?

        • Dediex
          February 2nd, 2011 at 23:54

          Casey, look. We understand what you are trying to say, and we (or me at least) respects you for it. But the problem is that right now, we’re encountering the whole “unstoppable force meets an imovable object” problem, with religion moving against Atheism and vice versa. Neither side is going to give up its position on the matter. It’s like the “Debating a Christian Simplified” picture that was posted like a month ago. No one will give up, as it is now what defines them as a person. Sorry dude, but YOU. CAN’T. WIN. THIS. FIGHT! (Last line is from, “Welcome to the Family” by Avenged Sevenfold, great song, great artist :)”

          • Casey
            February 3rd, 2011 at 01:01

            NO, I cant win this fight. It not my fight to win. What I can do is tell people of my the rescue from my darkest times . I can tell both sides what i see. Truthfully i have little hope in humanity to do the right thing. But if only I can reach one with the message of peace between brothers it will all be worth it. I’ll even venture to say that if no one ever listens, if I help change nothing, it would still be worth my life. One person would change, me.

        • February 26th, 2011 at 06:09


          You might want to check this out for further reading into why most atheists are angry:

  7. Casey
    January 29th, 2011 at 23:37

    I’m sorry about my spelling its something I’ve never been very good at.

    • thetardis
      January 30th, 2011 at 00:02

      your spellings not the problem, your walls of text are. i cant even be bothered to read all that cluster!

      • Casey
        January 30th, 2011 at 01:10

        Sorry Bud. My sister’s the English Professor, literally.

        • thetardis
          January 30th, 2011 at 04:51

          ever heard of the ‘enter’ key? maybe you should press it twice every 5 sentences.

          • Casey
            January 31st, 2011 at 01:52

            Took your advice. Now if i can just remember to proof read and use commas well.

  8. Crapiola
    February 3rd, 2011 at 11:00

    It’s too easy to think that Casey is a troll, but I’m quite inclined that way.

    But, on the assumption that Casey is actually genuine, I’ll just say this. If you are going to argue with an atheist, and you are about to start a paragraph (which hopefully you’ll start now, instead of just writing one huge block of text) with “the bible says” – stop and reconsider.

    Obviously an atheist, or a follower of a non-Judeo-Christian religion – does not give the same importance to anything a book of fiction says. In other words, if I try to argue a point with you, and I tell you should think happy thoughts and maybe you’ll be able to fly, because that’s what the book “Peter Pan” says, you should laugh at my face.

    So again, all of your blocks of texts include the pathetic (for an atheist) “but the bible says.” First of all, I’m certain that I know the bible better than you. 100% certain of that. And second of all, “Peter Pan” is far less violent.

    • Casey
      February 14th, 2011 at 22:25

      I’m no trying to argue with any one, theirs no point in doing so. I want to have a civilized discussion not listen to a bunch of insults. Ya i can’t spell or write very well. Dose my grammatical failure mean I’m dumb? Dose a flaw need to be exploited like this? Is whats happening childish? I despise when people feel the need to pick apart grammar, it’s a way for someone to make themselves feel better than someone else. Yes I have lots of problems. Who doesn’t?

      So you’re 100% certain that you know the Bible better than i do, maybe so, but i don’t think you understand it well as you may think. Your pride gave you away… If a mind is truly open it will give equal importance to both sides of the story, listening and giving importance to all points… One must take him/her-self outside the equation to achieve a truly open mind. To do so would totally eliminated preconceived notions leaving ones mind unchained by the muck of both sides. This is my day to day struggle. Its a fight inside ones self. To say “I have an open mind” just means you have a closed mind. To admit our close mindedness would be painful to ourselves, it would make us vulnerable, so we just ignore it imposing limitations on our own mind because we can’t face the truth about ourselves. If we can’t face our own deficiencies we will never be able to overcome them. This is my War, and its not against others its against myself…

      Now I ask you, dose the Bible talk about what I have addressed in the above paragraph? Dose it describe this mentality? If so, where at in the Bible? Any one…

  9. Gary M.
    February 26th, 2011 at 09:21

    Casey, if you want to believe in your god, even though he’s the most intolerant,violent, cruel and sadistic of all imaginary man created superior beings, please be my guest. But stop trying to impose your views on others who don’t. Atheists do not threaten people like you with eternal damnation or any other horrible punishments if you don’t become an atheist, they don’t even try to make you change your mind because they stand nothing to gain whether you do or you don’t. Atheists are not forced to be good or to act in a certain way to please a god, they do so on their own out of the kindness of their heart and not because of the fear of being punished or the rewards that they will get. We don’t need religions or gods to act like decent human beings.

  10. Redirected
    February 26th, 2011 at 10:08

    Gary M. : Atheists are not forced to be good or to act in a certain way to please a god, they do so on their own out of the kindness of their heart and not because of the fear of being punished or the rewards that they will get. We don’t need religions or gods to act like decent human beings.

    Well stated !

    Good people do good things.
    Doesn’t have to be out of fear of God, doesn’t have to be a condition for reward.

    • Casey
      March 20th, 2011 at 02:13

      Goodness is relative to what you measure it to. Man is not designed to function with other with in our pride. Man is broken. Who can humble ones self? Not I.

      How many times have i been so sure of myself and what I believe only to be incorrect(countless times). So I test and test and test. I can’t test you for you its not my place and I would fail.

      Who can open minds and hearts? Who can shake someone to there core? People can rationalize anything they set there minds to seems like. Especially me!

      The more I test it the more I believe it the more it becomes obvious.

      Gary, do I have no right to express my opinion? If I express my opinion is it imposing? Are you imposing by what you said?

      • Gary M.
        March 23rd, 2011 at 11:33

        Of course you can express your opinion, this is a free country. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind and certainly not trying to convert you to something I don’t have: Faith in a god to rationalize the bad stuff that I can’t explain or understand is happening to me and that shouldn’t be happening because my god is there to help me and protect me…
        So when things go well it’s god who’s on my side but if they go bad, it’s not because god didn’t do his job to help me, it’s just that he has other plans for me and I have to have faith in him… to do what??? Fail me again and again… ????? If you put lab rats in a cage and the only way to get fed is for them to push a lever that delivers a food pellet, after a while if they push the lever and the pellet doesn’t come ,they will quickly lose faith and stop believing that pushing the lever means food and will try to get a new way to get the food pellet. You will not see the rats waiting faithfully with their paws crossed in front of the lever until they die of starvation, they know it doesn’t work.

  11. John S Wilson III
    March 2nd, 2011 at 20:46

    it would be interesting who came up with the data that created the pie chart and where and how the data was collected, data/statistics always has a way of being manipulated (I know, I was an analyst, lol).