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Larry David pisses off Christians by pissing on Christ

Larry David pisses off Christians by pissing on Christ

Larry David has created quite a little firestorm that seems to be growing into a wildfire. It seems there are some people who are pissed that his character on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm pissed, albeit accidentally, on a picture of Jesus Christ.

In the episode, Larry accidentally splashes a picture of Jesus when he is urinating at someone’s house. For whatever reason, though Larry noticed the sprinkle on the face of the Jesus, he didn’t wipe it away.

After Larry leaves, the two women of the house see the urine on the picture, which they assume is a teardrop (it’s below Jesus’ eye), and drop to their knees claiming a miracle. Jesus is crying!

Now, Twitter is all a-tweet with people who are so upset by the episode they are banding together to get the attention of Glenn Beck so that he will “expose” Larry David’s supposed bigotry on his show.

The Web site, Big Hollywood, has posted an e-mail it received from someone who has promised to not watch Curb anymore. The e-mail said, “‘…what I saw made me feel a little sick, extremely disappointed and a bit angry as well. I will never watch the show again as I have lost all respect and feelings of good will for Mr. David.'”

Several people have responded to the e-mail in the comments section of the piece. Oddly, one person, who describes Larry as a “Christ hater” seems to think that this action of Larry David somehow lessens the supposed anti-semitism of Mel Gibson. The person wrote, “It doesn’t make Mel Gibson look anywhere near as bad, now does it?”

Another person, who vowed never to watch the show again, said, “I loved this show and thought it was so funny. All that’s changed. I can’t believe he is this crude and would go to this extreme to insult so many. As a Jew, he should understand compassion and sensitivity to others. I’m disgusted and disappointed.”

Really, people? He didn’t really p!ss on your Jesus any more than he really pissed on the picture of Jesus in the show. It is fiction – PRETEND – and we know you are good at pretending. You should understand this concept.

Further, in the show it was an accident. It’s not like his character thought, “piss on Jesus!” and therefore literally pissed on Jesus.

Perhaps what really has these people so upset is not so much the fact that Larry’s character urinated on Jesus but that he made it seem that some people are so gullible as to assume a miracle so easily without investigating what the truth of the matter may be. (And of course, we know that never happens in real life.)