Virgin Mary In a Window

Can you see her? It’s the virgin mary! (what’s most amazing about this, some stupid group actually leased this building just so they could turn it into some sort of ‘sacred’ site.

Virgin Mary Window

Aww, she got smashed by some hooligan.

Mary Smash

Teen held in Virgin Mary smashing

“He was sorry. It wasn’t anything he intended to do,” said Officer Christian Zarra, one of two officers who interviewed Maskell. “It’s just pretty much that life caught up to him. He was very apologetic.”

Reactions from those visiting the image Monday were mixed. Some stressed forgiveness, others punishment and responsibility.

“We’ve been praying for whoever did it since the day it happened,” said Rosie Reed, site leader for Shepherds of Christ Ministries, which owns the building. “We pray for the whole world under Mary’s image. I’m going to continue praying for everyone involved.”

But Jose Pombo II, who was there to light a candle Monday, had punishment in mind.

“If he’s 18, he’s an adult. For this kid not to know, at the age of 18, what this represents is inexcusable,” Pombo said. “I think he should serve a very long time. It’s desecrating a holy place. That’s like going to Lourdes in France and desecrating it.”